Sunday, August 26, 2012

Schnucks Completely Normal Cereal Characters

This blog has tended to favor Aldi products so far, but I've noticed a disturbing trend in the Aldi cereal character line-up.  For some reason, they have been replacing our beloved sea creatures with cute, cuddly mammals and birds.  Bleuch!  Who wants to look at a friendly dog while eating their cereal?  Give me a scary three-eyed alien any day!

Fortunately, Schnucks grocery stores have stepped in to fill the gap.  Thanks to their line-up of Completely Normal Cereal Characters, we can all enjoy our breakfast with a few friendly faces.


  1. I totally live by a Schnuck's now! Freaky Fruits will be going in my cart next.

    1. I recommend the Apple Loons. I had previously never bought the Aldi equivalent (Apple Rounds) because they don't have a character on them.